Here’s an overview of my notable free software. Visit GitHub or to see more. My repositories have received a total of 707 stars on GitHub.


Sometimes websites disappear from the Internet. The web is volatile. Archiveror is a browser extension that archives webpages on public archive sites like, and more. It automatically archives your bookmarks and you can manually archive all webpages. On Chromium based browsers it can also make local copies of webpages in MHTML format. This allows you to keep a local browsable copy of all your bookmarks.

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The Holy Qur’an consists of 114 chapters with 6236 verses in total. BismillahBot is a bot available on Telegram to refer to the Arabic, audio recitation, exegesis (tafsir) and English translation of individual verses. Users don’t need to install anything, they simply add BismillahBot as a contact.

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Giternity is a tool to mirror git repositories from external services. For example, state your GitHub username and it gets all your repos. You can specify usernames and individual repos. It also retrieves repo metadata (like the description and homepage) so you can pleasantly serve them with cgit. Run giternity periodically to update the mirrors.

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Print the path of the current working directory, shortly. Like pwd but with shorter output. Paths like /home/user/Code/rust/src/doc/nomicon are displayed as ~/C/r/s/d/nomicon. This is useful so your shell’s prompt doesn’t get too large.

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Supervisor is a process control system. It can start programs at boot time, restart them when they crash and monitor them. Supervisor-alert is a small plugin that sends process state changes (running/exited/fatal) to an arbitrary program. Combined with telegram-send it sends the messages over Telegram.

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Telegram-send is a command-line tool to send messages and files over Telegram to your account, to a group or to a channel. It provides a simple interface that can be easily called from other programs.

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Links: Source Code, PyPI

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